Zymge - a digital sticker service for Twitter Put digital stickers on your Twitter profile picture with Zymge. We have a growing gallery of content for sports, good causes, events, business, and just for fun. Just click the sticker and it appears on your profile – instantly!

Stickers that change Many of the stickers in our gallery update automatically when added to your profile picture. Some stickers change colour to be eye catching; others update based on events such as the end of a conference or a change in the weather. Check out the details of each sticker to see what it does.

Zymge for business Zymge is a service that transforms Twitter profile pictures into an exciting new way to display information, through digital stickers that change automatically based on business rules defined by you.

Create a quick sticker using our built-in rules, or develop a custom campaign with us. Zymge stickers can track and display a fundraising target, count down to an event, or simply show support for a team or cause.

Contact us today to find out how to give your audience a unique way to display and share your brand on their profile pictures.