Welcome to Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers  Europe’s largest community of tech startup - add this sticker to your Twitter profile to show you are a Hipster. This is an active sicker that alternates each hour between the Hipster badge and the moustache logo.

Hipsters are usually working their way into the mix as the designer or creative genius, they’ll make sure the final product is cooler than anything else out there. But, not only that, they’ll ensure the shade of blue used to accent the font really brings out the subtle homage to an artist from the 70’s you’ve probably never heard of. We throw a few other types into the mix as well including investors, marketers, advisors, evangelists, press, etc. who help make the Hustlers’ dreams and the Hackers creations come true and grow huge.


Evolving Sticker

The sticker will change on a periodic basis

Single Run Sticker

The sticker will run through its schedule once, then stop.

Full Size Sticker

The sticker will replace or overlay your entire profile image

Preview Images

Stickers in set

HHH: Hipster image